About Me

Alessa is in her 60’s and lives on the Florida coast in a small home with her spouse, Traci and their two cats.  She was raised in Rochester, New York and came out west in 1969, moving to California in 1972, and finally settling down in Florida in 2013.

She enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in her teens (don’t ask), and was a B-52 crew chief and a C-141 flight engineer over 20 years on active duty and the reserves.  She also had a career in selling real estate where she managed a realty office for nearly 20 years. Most recently, Alessa was the Executive Director of a nonprofit in San Francisco.

She finally got a BA degree from San Francisco State University in 2006 in English and Creative Writing (going back to school was not easy, but was a wonderful experience).

Today, Alessa is retired. She reads novels, gardens, tends to her cats, cooks (including baking), volunteers in the community, and of course, writes.