Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Anniversary

The start of the new year for me is February 2 - my daughter’s birthday (one of three children that I miss terribly), and the anniversary of my father’s passing. We all lose people as we move through life, but I have lost so many. The decision to change gender has made me a pariah in my family and I have lost almost all contact with them. The only exception is my daughter, who attempts to keep some sort of relationship. This February 2 is the first anniversary of my father’s death, I suppose an especially hard one. More so because he was the only one left who truly accepted me and spent time with me virtually every day. He has been sorely missed this past year.

Yet, I am not depressed or sorry about my situation in life. As this anniversary approaches I give thanks for the wonderful life I have, for the fortunate position I am in, and for the gifts I have been granted. No need to list them all here, except one. Traci, my spouse, has helped me recover from my losses and is a daily encouragement to living a happy, fulfilling, and love-filled life. A life where I feel obligated to give back to my community. 

So in my retirement in my new adopted city, Saint Augustine, FL, which I now call home, I am integrating myself into the community, volunteering my services to the local Red Cross, and attempting to be a good citizen in as many ways as I can.

This is MY time to give thanks to God (or whatever higher power that may be out there) for these gifts, small though they may seem to some, they are everything to me. It is with sincere gratitude that I now say - Happy Anniversary. 

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