Monday, May 6, 2013

Baseball Season: A Good Reason to Procrastinate?

Now that I’m retired I should be writing all the time. But I am finding so many reasons not to sit down at the keyboard and type out the next manuscript. Our move to Napa late last year; my father’s passing in February; our upcoming move from Napa to…maybe Florida’s Gulf Coast; playing with our two cats; visiting my sister. But the thing that is taking up most of my time is watching baseball. We will make two or three games a year at AT&T Park or the Coliseum, but we mostly watch on TV. And with summer comes barbequing. Our apartment has a large patio area and it is arranged so that we can see the TV perfectly. We placed a speaker outside and now we can watch baseball from the patio while enjoying cool beverages and firing up the BBQ. And that takes a lot of my time!

The point is that there is no good reason to procrastinate. I love crafting great stories and should be getting back to it. But the A’s play at 4:05pm, the Giants at 7:10pm, and it is a beautiful day. Oh dear, what’s a busy woman to do?