Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get Ready For Some Football

Well this is some little event we're having in San Francisco this Sunday. San Francisco 49ers Vs. the New York Giants for the right to go to the Super Bowl. I've been a Niners fan since the 1970s, but I also grew up in New York and have a soft spot for our New York teams, especially the Giants. I mean, how can you not love Eli Manning?

We always root for the NY Giants when not facing the Niners. But when they do, we have to face split alliances. Traci (my spouse) loves the Giants more than any team, and she has been upset with the Niners for so long (especially being more of an Oakland Raiders fan) that she's had a hard time learning to root for the Niners again this year.

I have to say we both started the season thinking this was going to be another year in the long history of new coaches babysitting an overpaid, under-qualified quarterback (Alex Smith). But Coach Jim Harbaugh really has added new life to a team that has been in decline. Somehow he took Alex and breathed life into him, made an already good defense a great and feared defense, and put a formula together that got the team turned around faster than any of us thought possible.

The Giants looked like they were going nowhere earlier this year. Injuries and lackluster playing seemed to destine them to another year of waiting for greatness. But both teams appear to be peaking at the right time. Niners made the Saints look like pikers. The Giants crushed the famed (and overrated) Packers; thank God. It would have been fun to watch Tim Tebow go for it, but there will be plenty of time in future years to watch him grow.

So for today, Traci will wear her Giants hat. I'll be wearing red and gold. We won't be too upset with either outcome. We're happy to see the success of both the teams we truly love to watch and support. Yet, I can't help ending this post with a little cheer.

Go Niners!