Sunday, October 16, 2011

Author Interview

Fellow author, Sarah Williams, interviewed me about my book, Night Flight, and my experiences writing it. To read the interview you can go to Sarah's blog: Words by Williams.

Sarah is a talented young writer living Australia with her partner in the Illawarra region of New South Wales. Sarah describes her book, Captive, below:

Lux Swithin wakes up in a hotel room that she has no memory of falling asleep in. Alone, disorientated and far from home Lux fears the darkness. She fears the man who will inevitably return for her. 

Unaware of the dark history that led to her capture, Lux is equally oblivious to the various groups that are desperately trying to track her down. The Luminita have only her best interests at heart and are sworn to protect her but others have a more sinister agenda. As Lux attempts to escape her fate, the Luminita use their own unique skills to try and protect her. But whilst some unsavoury characters are easily dealt with, there is a grotesque evil that seems unstoppable. It stalks Lux with a twisted mind, determined to make her pay for ancient crimes. 

Captive is available as an e-book on Amazon and at Goodreads.

Come back to this site to read my interview of Sarah - being posted soon!

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