Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogs Vs. Baseball

Is it difficult to keep up a writer’s blog during baseball season? Let me put it this way:
  • Is a Giants game better with a hotdog and a brew?
  • Can Barry Bonds go deep into McCovey Cove against – any pitcher?
  • Is Willy McCovey the best Giant’s first baseman EVER?
  • Is Will the Thrill?
  • Is Candlestick Park windy and frigid in the summer?
  • Can Willy make The Catch?
  • Is AT&T Park the best baseball park in the entire world?
  • Can the San Francisco Giants BEAT LA?
  • Is wearing a Panda hat ultra-cool when at a Giant’s game?
  • Is Lou Seal a great mascot?
  • Should you Fear the Beard?
  • Is Ross the Boss?
  • Is Timmy a FREAK?
  • Do only the most rookie fans want to do the wave at the stadium?
  • Do you throw the homerun ball back onto the field when LA hits one out?
  • Are the Giants capable of back-to-back World Series Wins?
You Betcha!
Maybe you’d better check back in here after baseball season.