Sunday, March 6, 2011

So It Begins

“Wait and hope.”  A quote from one of my favorite books: “The Count of Monte Cristo”, by Alexander Dumas père.  As I put the finishing touches on my first novel and put it up for sale, I use the quote to help me stay focused with my writing that is now – out there.

A writer may invest years in creating a story, compelling characters and a plot that engages.  This writer did.  “Night Flight” began as a short story, and through years (on and off since I have a real job) of writing and rewriting, the story became a novel.  It isn’t easy letting go.  The characters become family; you grow to love them.  You get angry with them when they go astray and you cry over them when they experience pain.  But at some point you must let them go and turn them out into the world for others to experience. 

Now I wait for a reader to discover the people between the covers.  And I hope you will find something in my characters to love, or despise, or relate to.  Writers will often say we write for the reader.  I’m not sure about that.  I think it’s more accurate to say we write for ourselves and hope the reader enjoys the ride. 

In any case, you now have the opportunity to own the book.  Not because you buy it, but because the characters are now yours, part of your family.  Well-written characters are alive and have a way of drawing you in and investing you in their drama.  And just as I cried over the Count, Edmond Dantes, feeling the pain of losing him as I closed the cover of the book for the last time, it is my hope that you will find the characters just as alive and compelling in “Night Flight”.

So I wait and hope.


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